• Nov- 2019 -
    21 November
    Photo of Tools Up!

    Tools Up!

    In Tools Up!, you'll team up with other players on a couch co-op experience to renovate apartments when the tenants are not around.

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  • 21 November
    Photo of Fight’N Rage

    Fight’N Rage

    In Fight'n Rage, the golden age classic gameplay is combined with the 90's arcade style on a side-scroller beat'em up.

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  • 19 November
    Photo of Narcos – Rise of the Cartels

    Narcos – Rise of the Cartels

    Narcos: Rise of the Cartels follows the Netflix's depiction of 1980s Colombia's drug cartels on the Narcos series. You'll be able to play on both sides: as a drug dealer…

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  • 17 November
    Photo of Black Future ’88

    Black Future ’88

    In Black Future '88, you'll climb a procedurally generated tower to kill its insane owner. In the meantime, there will a lot of slashing, shooting and all sort of deadly…

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  • 16 November
    Photo of Arise: A Simple Story

    Arise: A Simple Story

    In Arise, you'll go through the emotional journey of reliving the good and bad moments of the lives of two people.

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  • 14 November
    Photo of Phoenix Point

    Phoenix Point

    In Phoenix Point, mankind is in the brink of extinction as mutated aliens are spread out across the world due to a scientific discovery no one saw coming.

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  • 14 November
    Photo of Weakless


    In the strange and beautiful world of Weakless, you'll be able switch between two wooden characters as you solve puzzles and keep the world safe.

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  • 5 November
    Photo of Bee Simulator

    Bee Simulator

    In Bee Simulator, you'll find out what it feels like being bee. You'll be able to play it with your friends in co-op or split-screen. All of that in a…

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