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We would love to showcase your game on IndieWatch somehow. So, wait no more. Follow these simple steps so we can feature your indie game here.

You just need to Register for an account, update your profile, and submit an Article with information about your game. That’s all.

We elaborate more on each of these steps to help you make the most out of IndieWatch.


1. Register for an account. Fill out your profile with as many details as possible about you. Wait for the Activation email and confirm your registration. If you don’t receive an activation email, check your SPAM folder.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use your real name and NOT your company’s or game name in the “Name” field. We will only publish pieces written by real persons and not businesses.


2. Log in to IndieWatch with your new account credentials and head on to the Members’ page. You know have your own profile page on IndieWatch. You can view it on https://indiewatch.net/members/<YOUR USER NAME HERE>/


3. Go to your profile page. Click on Profile Settings. You’ll find that option on the dropdown menu on the right side of your avatar image on the Member’s page menu bar. Or simply go to https://indiewatch.net/members/<YOUR USER NAME HERE>/profile/edit/


4. Upload a Profile Picture and a Cover Image. Feel free to play around with the other features of your profile. There’s a lot you can do there for adding more info about you and your game. You can even add some cool Widgets. Look for THE Widgets Settings on the left menu.


5. Back to your Profile Page, click on Articles and then New Article. Fill out the article form with info about your game. Make sure to leave a URL for your game’s trailer at the very first line of your article. It can be a youtube or a vimeo video. Please, use original content only. We’ll make sure you’re NOT using plagiarized info about your game already published and copied from other websites. Unoriginal content submissions will be rejected.


6. Give us some time to review your submission and publish it. Come back and check to see whether it was accepted and already published. If it is, you’ll see an article on your Member’s Articles list. A link to your article will aso be shared on our social media channels.


7. If you want more promotion for your game, accumulate points and get FREE promotion or discounts so we can bring your game to the spotlight on IndieWatch and on our social media channels. Check out here how you can score more points and start now.


Obs: We can’t promise that all games we receive will be featured on IndieWatch. All submissions will be reviewed case by case by our editors and authors. Thank you for your comprehension.


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