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Wuli "the Illusion of a Cercle"

Wuli wakes up in the forest, a strange dead bird in his hands

He doesn’t remember anything. He feels his strength increased tenfold and in his head he hears voices arguing.

They are those of the Gods of Olympus who want to free and recover the soul of Birdo, who found himself trapped in his body. They want to keep Wuli under their control to use him in missions and thwart the evil plans of mighty wizards. Who will succeed in seizing this celestial soul with infinite powers?

And finally what will happen to Wuli?

  • Pixel art is cool, but it is not the only game in town, Let’s keep everything that is great about side-scrolling, and push it to a higher level of art

  • Amazing animation, and a total of about 130 moves hero and enemies combined

  • Pitfalls, various type of weapons, magical potions, locked door, moving platforms, multiple rotatives  platforms, everything is to guarantee a neverending enjoyement

  • Tones of soundtrack from unique artist Meteor Xavier

  • SandBox engine let you have enormous map, with almost no limit in size

  • First game ever to combine SandBox area and metroidVania area… Yes you don’t have to choose because Wuli give you both!

  • First game ever to combine a bit of Fantasy MetroidVania with a a touch of brutal street fight. It is cute and mean at the same time

  • Built is about 100KB (30 times smaller than average) because all content is stored on the cloud. So as the new content is added to the game the size of the game does not increase, and updates times are kept under 2 min.  Ulimited content plus fast update equals unmatched scalability!

  • Enchanting story that is so deep that it will give a new meaning to this mysterious thing we “mortal” call… life



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