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Three games in short with the P2W option by 37Games

It has been a while since a review was posted, for some reason I wanted to review three games that do occasionally focus more...

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Blade of Queen: a Game made both as a fantasy and a magnet to new developments

There is a legend in many games, where the hero finds a group of buddies to help defeat a Dark Lord and save the...

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Star Wars -The Old Republic: are its game features becoming a menace?

The beginning of the End They released SWTOR with the 2011 hit, The Hutt Cartell and its successor of 2012, The Shadow of Revan ,...

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I’ve played Facebook’s NIDIA and here are my takeaways

Well, that has been something else. Facebook has recently launched one of their newest additions to the gaming page. NIDIA is a game that takes...

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AQ3D – AdventureQuest 3D Now Open-Beta

So Artix Enterainment LLC. has released their game AdventureQuest 3D into Open-Beta. So we start at the introduction that has gotten a complete revamp. A lot...

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