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My name is Dan Beckerton (aka The Cheesemaster), and Fables of Talumos has been my little passion project for the last year and a half.  I’ve been working on it in my spare time while teaching English in Korea (which has been a life-changing event and I encourage anyone to try it).  In my free time at school I’d jot down ideas or sketches and then add them to the game when I got home in the evening. It’s been a huge learning process (both living in Korea as well as game development), but I’ve come out wiser (and a little rounder).

Fables of Talumos is, in-fact, my first project.  Like many of you, I love video games; their music, art, stories, and all-around-fun!  The thought of making one myself had occurred to me before, however, those thoughts were always accompanied by an expectation of a university degree, and since I already had one of those, it didn’t seem likely.  However, thanks to absolutely amazing online content creators (such as HeartBeast, Shaun Spaulding, Friendly Cosmonaut, Gaming Reverends,  and many, many more), wonderfully supportive communities (like the GameMaker, Twitter,  and reddit communities) and also my family and friends, I gained the confidence and competence to create!

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