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I’m Seth DeGrace. When I was four, I told my dad I wanted to be a developer. I’m now in my fourth year of university, studying video game development. I spent the following seventeen years after that assertion dreaming of many different games of all sorts of genres.

When I entered high-school, I started concepting a world in the sky – vast continents comprised of many different regions, filled with vibrant cultures and wonderful mechanical creatures. I dreamed of the primitive non-human tribes there, eking out a living and growing accustomed to hunting these machines. I dreamed of them unified under one banner, fighting against a technologically advanced faction of humans. Eight years after (and many, many, iterations later) I started developing Project Sky: a game set in a vast science-fantasy world filled with old technology and untamed wilderness, where players would assume the role of a human seeking to unite all tribes together in order to drive back an encroaching force.

I’m currently developing two games:

Project Sky, which can be found here;

and Decima, which can be summarized as stylish, sci-fi, gladiatorial bloodsports.



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