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When we drift off to sleep at night, there are sounds that can frighten us, as we grow we become accustomed to these noises. But recall the guardians of silence who were always there to protect you from the things that go bump in the night. Become a Silent Knight…
Silent Knight is a 3D action/stealth platformer with a boss focused design inspired off of titles like Shadow of the Colossus and Bloodborne, where one must stay silent while also defeating the various noise making creatures that appear.
Players guide Teddy through a large house riddled with creatures that wish to wake up their owner at night. After each encounter, return to comfort Teddy’s owner until the next one shows up to make more restless noise.

Help protect the dreams of a child
This game was inspired off of my own toys that helped a young, scared boy deal with the noises at night that kept him up he didn’t understand. This game takes the concept of those days and turns them into an experience of letting the toys fight back against the noises, which have taken form as terrifying monsters throughout the house. The biggest challenge is to make sure they don’t make too much noise!
Stay safe, don’t be scared, you can silently protect the dreams during the night.

Environmental Music by Zebestian
Boss Music by Barbara-Sebastian
2D Art Assets by Sharingus
If you’re interested in furthering the project, join our
Silent Knight Discord Server

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