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The Game of Shifting Blame

In the last few weeks, the U.S.  has once again been struck by a horrific tragedy.  A tragedy whose impact and weight cannot be...

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Beefcakes and Bimbos Save the Universe Rant

Listen to my mindless rant about sex in gaming and another pointless information from my recently posted article (link is below). I was a...

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Beefcakes and Bimbos Save the Universe

Sex.... now that I have your attention today, we will be talking briefly about the topic of sex in gaming. Now, I assume most...

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Why fangames could save the game industry

Nothing shows love to your favorite game like making your own fangame to tell a new adventure and even improve on the faults of...

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No, Ideas Guy! I will not make your game!

In January this year, I got an email when shortly after I started marketing my game with an offer...this email is mostly in original...

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