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The Best Indie Games of 2010s

The Best Indie Games of this decade deserve our appreciation  We’re finally reaching the end of the decade. We’ve seen great strides in the 2010s...

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Disco Elysium Review – Funny moments, but Worth Buying?

Disco Elysium Review - This is a one strange game that has its moments. Let me tell you why... If you’ve ever wanted to know...

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Horror Games to Pick Up on the Steam Halloween Sale

Halloween is that time of the year for us to revel in costumes of spooky myths and ghouls from various cultures around the world....

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10 Best Video Games to Come Out of Kickstarter

It’s been a decade since Kickstarter was itself kickstarted back in 2009, putting a powerful new funding tool in the hands of video game...

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The Essential Tools for Indie Game Developers

It has never been easier to become a game developer. A plethora of software is available for complete newcomers, often free, each with a...

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