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A Death Stranding review by someone who read no reviews

Death Stranding reviews are everywhere across the web, but I decided to try it completely blind just to savor it with no filters. So, I...

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Interview with the maker of Placid Halls: A Horror Stroll

Placid Halls is a twisted take on the rogue-like genre that I’m sure will stir some old school survival-horror hearts. Today, I’ve decided to interview...

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Character Design could make or break your game narrative

Visually, character design should always be meant to tell a story and the story should always belong to the character. A LITTLE EXPLANATION Character design is...

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Multiverse: He’s making a game during the Chilean uprising

Multiverse is a game being made during a world-shattering time for Chilean history. still feels really weird to work during these days, but I...

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Drag Queens Make Games Too

For my first interview on IndieWatch, I’ve decided to interview a good drag queen friend of mine Erik Shreader-Smith about his game The Endless...

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