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Online distribution of content (including games)

Content is king, content is everything. How many times have you heard that? Since the beginning of marketing, this is true. Today we have new...

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Gamification, advertising and how we can live life in a fun way

Today, I thought I would show you some great examples of gamification and advertising. I advise you to click on each link below and...

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Gamification and medical applications

I have been talking a lot about Gamification in my latest posts. As a reminder, Gamification is the use of game mechanics in a non-gaming...

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Benefits of Gamification in Marketing – The Story Of AIBO

Benefits of Gamification in Marketing - AIBO: The incredible AI-based robot that lead to a very powerful engagement tool. The artificially intelligent robot dog also...

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Life evolution through technology and games

As the G generation starts coming into the workplace (G for Google or Gamification, others call them Millennials as they were born between 1995...

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