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Rick Henderson – a 16 bit golden age inspired shoot’em-up

According to the game developer, "Rick Henderson is an endless shoot 'em up, a reminiscent of the golden age hits of 16 bit era....

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SquareOne is a digital console where you’ll soon play your best board games

What if the blurry boundaries between board and digital games could be finally gone? That's the dream the French startup Wizama decided to turn...

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Hypergate – a casual 3D space combate game

According to the game's developer, Hypergate is a first-person, 3D space combat game. Rather than featuring ultra-realistic physics or complicated upgrade trees, the game...

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Clash of Clans’ creators are bringing a tuition-free coding school to Finland

In partnership with Kuudes, Clash of Clans' developer Supercell is funding Hive, a programming school in Finland to tackle the skills gap in the Finnish...

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The gamer’s wish list you want your friends and family to find out

The holidays are here and you're already getting cozy in your couch thinking about what to do with that spare time in your gamer's...

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