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Decay of Logos – a great indie developer’s gem

Decay of Logos is one of the latest souls-like games coming from indie developers Amplify Creations and this particular one is based on European...

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When Sid Meier’s Civilization became a Microsoft Excel game

Yes, that's right! You read it correctly. A fan just used MS Excel, the spreadsheet software, for recreating a playable version of 1991's Sid...

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The passion for Animation: a conversation with the creator of Danger & Eggs

When Mike Owens and his team won an Emmy for Danger & Eggs in 2018, he already had a long and reputable career in...

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OUTWARD is an open world RPG that you can play alone or with friends, either online or in split-screen. It's more than just an open...

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Atom RPG

Atom RPG is set in the former Soviet Union, 20 years after a devastating global nuclear conflict. You play as an agent of ATOM...

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