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Getting Off On The Right Foot: 15 Tips From A Young Game Developer

Recently, Laralyn McWilliams published her personal thoughts and tips on game development from her perspective as a game industry veteran. I found her blog...

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A Tale of Two Open-Worlds: comparing “exploration” and “activity” sandboxes

Ever since Ultima (1981) dabbled with the concept of a huge overworld for the player to explore, the idea of a wide open space that could...

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Mutual Engagement: how to craft compelling character interactions

Since the halcyon days of ancient Greek theater, creative minds from all artistic mediums sought to tap into the human psyche to immerse their...

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The Devil’s in the Details: analyzing Doom’s design elements and nuances

It is certainly no secret that a fourth entry in the Doom franchise has been a long time coming. Ever since the survival horror-centric Doom 3...

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