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Why is Fortnite so Addictive!?

Fortnite Addiction - Epic Games' Fortnite has become a monumental success with over 125 million players and releases on just about every platform. Epic Games'...

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Are mobile games the same as “real games”?

Are mobile games just as valid as "real games" on console or PC? Are they played by the same people or even the same...

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Is Video Game Power Fantasy a Myth?

I often hear video games described as a "Power Fantasy". Academics, social critics and YouTubers talking about the meta in gaming often lean on...

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Is Gaming Journalism Dead?

Gaming Journalism came on to the scene with the magazine Nintendo Power. What has happened since then? Where do we stand today? Perhaps sawing the branch...

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Time and Gravity Puzzles: Exploring the Mechanics of Redactem

Redactem is an indie puzzle game with gravity and time rewind puzzle mechanics. Reviewing a game like this is new to me. I've written...

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