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Greeting from the grid my name is Tavaris Johnson and I am the solo dev at Johnson 80 Games. I have a B.S. in Computer Science emphasis in Game Software Development. I create any game from point ‘n’ click to platformers. So now I shall share my stats:

Age of gaming: 4
Hobbies: Lego’s, R.C., Comic books, Action Figures, Music Development, Anime and Level Design
Years Developing: 12
Programming Languages: C#, C++, OOP, and HTML
Art Tools: Inkscape
, 3D Max, Pyxel Editor, Sketch Book, Gimp, Pro Motion NG, and Photoshop
First Game Develop: Can you guess the color
Second Game Develop: Tal or Gor (text-base rpg no-visuals)
Game Projects: Ku Blast Brawl, Night Run, Bombs La Bombs, Frankie Halloween Defense, Robber Robber



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