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At the end of 2015, InSayn Games released its debut work “Journey to the Center of the Earth“. With this calm 2D Puzzle-Platformer more than 500.000 players could be inspired and with 70% positive ratings the reviews are also relatively good. The game itself is based on a classic novel and it also plays itself like an old classic. Besides quite difficult puzzle challenges where logical thinking and strategy are required, you also have to master tricky jumping sequences that require skill and that often under time pressure to not die of thirst.
Special is the unique game mechanic with which you can control 3 characters with individual abilities at the same time.
Conclusion: JttCotE is a successful debut work for all Jump`N´Run fans, puzzle lovers and nostalgics.
Now InSayn has released its second title.
This time they appear purely as publisher, but they chose a real pearl.
“Auf Abwegen“ is a one-man-project from Kindman.
In this short narrative 2D platformer you roam through the woods as a red fox and go hunting for food for the offspring, but also you are hunted yourself. Quiet expeditions and challenging sequences alternate.
The gaming experience is relatively short, but has a lot of contents to offer.
Above all the exciting background story with extremely well-made and entertaining dialogues. In order not to spoil here, only following should be mentioned:
The adventure of the fox isn‘t the only story of the game, there is a second storyline that takes place parallel to the story of the fox, and it‘s exactly this second storyline that turns that story into something bigger.
Also the art style knows how to please with two beautiful hand-painted scenarios. The beautiful scenery is accompanied by matching sound effects and an extremely well-done dynamic piano soundtrack, which invites you to just stop and listen.
In three levels trophy hunters can earn ten, sometimes mysterious, Steam-Achievements and compete with other players in Challenge Mode.
Beware! The last level can be quite frustrating, but those who actually make it to the end will definitely be rewarded, because there is an unexpected surprise waiting which completes this story in an imaginative way.
Conclusion: “Auf Abwegen“ is definitively a tip for all those who are looking for a small but greatly well-made indie game.
InSayn offers the game for free in the Steam Store and this makes it almost a must-have, which should be found in every well sorted game library.

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