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Driven Out is hard enough to drive you crazy

Driven Out is a strange game. Like some European platformers from the early 1990s, this one is both mysterious and simple... but hard as...

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Is Sekiro a really difficult game?

Critics are saying Sekiro is too hard & not accessible to its audience. Is it really? Or is it just a victim of lazy...

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Indie Apocalypse – the later years

In October 2015, Steam inaugurated the GreenLight program to collect community input and help developers release games on their platform based on a rating...

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Infektor: microbiological life in arcade excitement   Infektor is a game by Rushing Vise for PC and iOS. For this review, I tried its PC version, that you can buy on...

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Sailing nostalgic waters with Winds of Trade

The first time I saw Winds of Trade, it reminded me of my young self playing Uncharted Waters on Super NES and how happy...

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