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I am an independent developer who originally created Chromatose as a tabletop campaign for my friends in 2014. After spending so much time with the characters and the world, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to share the story with anyone else once the campaign ended. As much as I would love to, it would be impossible for me to run this campaign for every single person who was interested, so I figured the best way to present the story publicly would be through a visual novel-like format. Visual novels, however, do not allow players to engage with the characters and world on their own terms as they would be able to in a roleplay experience, and interaction with the story is often limited to few-and-far-between, sometimes trivial, in-text decisions. Drawing inspiration from my all-time favorite game, Catherine (ATLUS), I aimed to tell the story of Chromatose through an immersive visual novel-RPG hybrid loaded with enough gameplay and meaningful decisions to replicate the feeling of me directly interacting with the player. Development formally started on Chromatose in October 2017, and a 3 hour demo was publicly released in October 2018. The game is currently in active development.

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