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Woven: Are We Seeing the Rise of the Dutch Game industry?

Woven release: a Dutch game industry's tale Today we are overseeing the launch of our first game: Woven. Three years ago, our 5 man team...

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5 Steps to Kicking Ass on Kickstarter

Here are five steps derived from the knowledge of the experts and advisors I've talked to, plus my own experience in preparing the Woven...

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I Want to Push a Crappy Game Through Steam Greenlight; What Should I Do?

The first few game projects are difficult. I don’t know the project you are working on, so I can’t comment on whether it deserves a...

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Why Your Game Should Matter: Giving it a Purpose

Does it? Does your game matter? The function of almost any game is to be enjoyed, but their purposes are diverse. As a designer, you should...

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Does My Game Need a Day and Night Cycle?

Day and night, do or don't? A lot of games feature day and night cycles and a lot don’t, why is that? My team and...

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