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In this single player game, experience the life of an 18th century pirate and make decisions that will impact our rich and dynamic world! Explore the islands, uncover the feuds between captains and natives, amass a crew, and make a name for yourself in The Archipelago. You will be the captain of your own pirate fantasy.
Make decisions that shape the world and the way people behave. Become friends or foes with extremely dynamic characters and factions scattered across the many islands. Be a captain to be feared or loved by taking prisoners or having captives walk the plank.
Fight battles on land and at sea. Fire your cannons, use a harpoon to reel in the enemy ship, and board it for loot and a bigger crew. Lead skirmishes by mastering your dodge and parry skills in an intuitive combat system. Opponents will have varied weapons, attack styles, and patterns to keep players on their toes at all times.
Manage your ship and crew alongside your chosen first mate. Decide the share for each of your crew members, have them follow you into battle, and deal with those that disobey orders. Respect your crew or risk them starting a mutiny.
Upgrade your arsenal with different weapon types for you and your crew that transform the flow of combat. Improve your ship to travel faster, fire more cannons, and hold a bigger crew.
Uncover secrets of The Archipelago through its narrative-driven, non-linear game-play. Learn about the ancient beliefs and traditions behind The Archipelago and the rivalry between pirate captains.

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