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Some pretty good takeaways from Gamescom 2018 for Indies

Power to the Indies! Last week, Gamescom 2018 came and left, reminding us once more why this yearly event in the heart of Köln is...

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I wanna make a fighting game! – part IV: Hitboxes and hurtboxes

Welcome to the fourth part of this series of introductory articles on the magic behind developing a fighting game! In the previous parts, we've already...

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Into the jungle of free game design resources: a guide for one-man teams and small game studios

Free Game Design Resources - Here's a couple nice tips to travel into the jungle and find what you need to get your game...

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I wanna make a fighting game! – part III: The character as a state machine

After a long hiatus, let's start again with our journey in the realm of fighting game making! Now, we start with technical guides and...

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I wanna make a fighting game! – A practical guide for beginners (part II)

In this installment of our series I wanna make a fighting game, it's time to face the second stage of planning: the core game...

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