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The 80s: a decade I can’t stop dreaming about

NOTE: This is not a technical article! I consider myself a very lucky guy. I saw the birth of video games, personal computers, BBS and...

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Punching germs with Plasma Puncher

  I like Indie games so much... Besides being an endless source of inspiration, in my opinion, the most innovative game titles these days are coming...

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ASCDUNGEON: a game postmortem

"A Winner is You" Pro Wrestling Series I decided to write a postmortem a little out of the traditional way, perhaps because of my close relationship...

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How comic books became my source of inspiration for making games

When some creep's holding a knife to your throat, who do you want to see riding - or your elected representative? Think about...

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Lessons I’ve learned from setting up a 2D framework for level design

"For thou shalt eat the labor of thine hands: thou shalt be happy, and shall be well with thee." Psalms 128: 2 - King James...

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