Dark Alley Marketing

Marketing your indie game is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve dedicated the last few years to learning and leveraging everything I know to help my indie dev friends succeed at indie games marketing through my monthly marketing coaching on Patreon, as well as right here on IndieWatch.

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Dark Alley Marketing features some amazing original art. Thanks Max!

Indie games marketing is a challenge. There is a lot to know, and effectively marketing your indie game can be a full-time job all by itself. Still, many indie game developers prefer to do it on their own. Either because they are intrepid do-it-yourselfers that enjoy the art and practice behind every aspect of game development… or because they’re broke. (Usually it’s that one.)

Lucky for you, I’ve taken my years of consulting and coaching indie devs and distilled my approach to video game marketing into a simple method that any dev can follow. For your convenience (and mine), I wrote it down, divided into chapters and encapsulated the whole marketing process in my ebook, Dark Alley Marketing: An indie developer’s roadmap to the dark side of marketing.

It’s still not going to be easy, but with the guidance I give you in Dark Alley Marketing, you can learn how to leverage the most cost-effective forms of marketing. By using already-established channels and low-cost, high-engagement routes (dark alleys), developers can get their game in front of the most possible gamers for the least possible expense.

Ready to get started?

This book lays out the groundwork for a cohesive indie games marketing campaign. It’s not perfect, and it’s not all-encompassing, and it’s not meant to be. This book serves as a roadmap to bring your audience through the internet’s dark alleys and find your project.

Whether or not they buy your game is up to you and your team. Even the best games in the world will go unnoticed, unloved and unplayed if nobody can find them.

This ebook will be available for my Patreon members, on Amazon Kindle Store, and here on IndieWatch.

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