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    Get under the wing of General MasterClicker in this fun idle/clicker game mashup, to build, train and upgrade your army. Make sure to manage your army properly and take the best strategic decisions as you send your powerful army to wage endless battles. Fight for your own glory, collaborate with your countrymen, fights others and discover some unique fun twists never seen in this genre before!

    You can play the game here: https://warclicks.com
    Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8OBo7w3Yys

    Key features

    Tons of content:
    Unlock limitless powerful upgrades that increase your production or your fighting power. Complete tons of varying achievements and reach for Renown titles and climb Ranks. How far can you get?

    Fierce competition:
    WarClicks is a massively competitive game as thousands of players compete to become the most powerful soldiers. Country invasions test your team-fighting spirit, and various weekly competitions that can earn you tons of powerful boosts as rewards!

    Strategy and extra features:
    Discover various options and features that affect how your progress in WarZone and BootCamp intertwines. Carefully choose when you might want to sacrifice your progress to gain huge long-lasting boosts that will snowball your power. There’s never boring over here as there are various mini games and tasks your can complete to become stronger and stronger and stronger… There’s no limit when it comes to how powerful you can become!

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