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    After a year of work, I’m proud and excited to finally announce that I’ll finally be releasing my first game: Just Another Memory.

    Just Another Memory is an isometric boss-rush game, featuring an anime-inspired art style. It follows the story of Seth Dunwich, an adventurer who fell in battle against a mysterious Cosmic Evil. He must now travel through the afterlife, reclaiming his memories by fighting his amnesiac allies. Only after collecting all of his memories can he and his allies return to the land of the living.

    The game is composed of ten unique bosses, most of whom followed Seth into battle against the Cosmic Evil. With each boss battle, you gain insight into who these people were, and how Seth affected their lives. Each battle will be relatively simple but will demand great skill and reflexes to overcome. Will you overcome these challenges? Or will you allow your memories to fade to nothing?

    The game will be available on Steam on August 7, 2019!
    Steam Page

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