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    I’m wondering is there anyone who’s also playing clash of kings maybe?
    I’m thinking to post some of their news here and talk about the changes ongoing.
    pls let me know if anyone is interested.

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    title=”Brand New Battlefield “World Domination” Is Coming in Clash of Kings”

    With the Clash of kings Anniversary is coming on July 15th, now the new battlefield World Domination finally shows up its presence in the game. So today, Nadia would like to introduce some big news about World Domination. Before we start, let’s take a look at the Archangel Temple in the center of the battlefield first!

    Battlefield Map
    World Domination battlefield map is composed of multiple plots. Only by occupying multiple plots and opening up the overall marching route can we control more buildings and gain ground on the battlefield, which can test the team’s tactic agreement and whether the commander’s decision is fast and effective to a great extent.
    Besides teamwork, World Domination also provides a new gameplay, Element Duel. This is a place to show personal strength. The teams of both sides can send members to enter the Element Building and start to challenge independently within a specified time. The winner will get bonus for the team.

    Competition system
    World Domination battlefield is equipped with a brand new tournament system. The competition is conducted in units of national teams. Each team consists of 20 members. The nationality of the captain represents the nationality of the entire team.
    Through Kingdom competitions, world round-robin competitions, and world knockouts, the champion teams with outstanding strengths will be selected and get the exclusive castle skin of the first World Domination (the specific style and design are waiting for Nadia to follow up in the next issue)!

    International Entertainment
    With the opening of official competition registration, we will also hold the World Domination Entertainment Tournament at the same time so that each lord can enjoy the unique charm of the new battlefield easily and also get rich rewards. Everyone can participate in the World Domination Entertainment Tournament, and only single-game results will be counted.
    Besides, we will also hold various battlefield oriented events including General Bets concurrently to ensure that every lord can support and cheer for his national team.

    This is a fierce strategy game, a fair competition for all nations. The key to the ultimate victory will be in the hands of the god of strategy. However, who will become the final champion of the battlefield, is yet to be seen!
    Nadia has something to say
    After Nadia’s introduction, do you have great expectations for the new battlefield and anniversary celebrations? Nadia will continue to bring the latest news of anniversary celebrations, stay tuned!

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