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    Blossom & Decay is a browser-based, sandbox MMOaRPG that is set at the edge of a dying realm. It brings action combat together with crafting and survival mechanics, in an open world where players are able to develop their unique story experience.
    Read more:About: Blossom & Decay

    Blossom & Decay – emergent narrative banner

    The game and demo focus on emergent narrative, so there are no quests. Currently the combat demo features a full MMO functionality (which technologically was the most difficult part), some primitive mining, farming, and crafting.

    Play the combat demo: http://blossomanddecay.com

    We are currently optimizing Blossom & Decay’s engine and backend for the upcoming MMOaRPG sandbox demo that we’ll release sometime during spring/summer 2017 and will feature a simple version of mining, farming, crafting, building, and the economy system.

    We need testers as MMOGs as well as Sandboxes require tons of balancing!
    So please give the demo a try and let us know what you think 😉

    Twitter: @KonspiracyGames

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