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The best Indie Game released in 2016 is indeed a tough question. My team Brothel Gaming focuses on trying out and reviewing which ever games we can get a hold on that are under development and out for testing. With that said, my team and I are in agreement that we should give credit to two fantastic games we came accross in Orlando IX gaming conference 2016 ; One Virtual Reality fighting game called Heavy Impact by Studio Captivate and another PC game that’s currently out on Steam called The Concourse. Let me begin with Heavy Impact- my team has also a background in martial arts so for us to test this game out was a blast. The game consists of what was the typical sock and bop em robot game but now you’re the robot and the point is to see how fast you can knock demolish the other robot with the least amount of damage taken. As a martial artist fighting in the game felt just as natural as being in the ring-minus the actual pain and injuries so with that said to us it was a big success. Now the other game The Concourse by A&B Studios is a game out on steam still under development. It is a game that can be played up to 4 people with a Rocket League-like vibe to it. Four players that look like they’re out from the world of torn stand at a countdown to try and get out of the maze but the catch is that there’s obstacles, the walls are invisible, and there’s perks for racers like a “Chancleta” to slow down your opponents or disturb and flip their controls. It was very fast paced and we all played it for a good 3-4 hours and we could just not drop the controllers. Below is a link to the video on our YouTube channel of highlights of what the team experienced in the Virual Reality Conference experience at Orlando IX.


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