Rigid Force Alpha

Rigid Force Alpha

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favoritesRigid Force Alpha started as a pastime project way back in 2011. Over more than six years it has developed into a full-fledged, feature-rich shooter with high quality visuals and sound. The game was mainly completed single-handedly, but has received substantial support from various talented artists and programmers. Rigid Force Alpha is the first release of com8com1.

Classic shoot'em up action is back! Rigid Force Alpha breathes new life into the side-scrolling shooter genre with its lovingly hand-crafted 3D graphics, stunning environments, and detailed visual effects. Players can arm their fighters with numerous upgradeable weapon systems, increase their firepower with adjustable Force Shards and collect Energy Orbs to unleash extremely powerful blasts against an armada of enemies and huge end bosses! The "easy to learn, hard to master" gameplay and numerous cheeky references to hits of the past will delight veterans, while the adjustable level of difficulty and captivating storyline are particularly appealing to newcomers. In addition to the exciting story mode, players can look forward to a challenging Arcade Mode, as well as a classic Boss Rush. An extensive Leaderboards feature and a multitude of challenging achievements provide additional long-term motivation. All this is accompanied by a top-notch, electrifying Synthwave soundtrack. Everything is prepared for countless hours of shooting action!


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