Dark Illusions

Dark Illusions

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites"We got a 10-98 in progress..." is the last transmission Sheriff Steve Ranger received before his radio died. It was time.

Steve entered the cascaded building knowing all to well what lied inside waiting for him. Him alone will face four of the deadliest criminals one would ever encounter as they have outlined their location with traps, deadly mazes, and much more haunting endeavors. The only question remains... Are you afraid of Clowns?

Dark Illusions (2019) is a reboot of the original released in 2017. This new experience offers a whole different take on the previous installment as it has updated visuals, better models, and was developed using Unreal Engine. The game features a multitude of options such as a fleshed out campaign, a model museum, a VR port, and much more to come! This game will be released on PC with a possible port to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Mobile.

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Profile Photo Jim Gancarek

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horror clowns vr


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