Do you need to advertise your app, game, YouTube channel, a service, a cool product or something else you believe our audience would be interested in? Then send us a message to inquire about our advertisement packages.

We currently have a strong presence on Twitter, where we can promote you for very reasonable rates to more than 54,000 organic followers!

We will promote you across the accounts: @AprenderGameDev, @GameDevBrBot, @HojeNaEscoIa, and @EdGameTec.

Find a detailed list of our packages below.

Package 1    

We’ll tweet about your game or service 5 times a day for a week across our 4 accounts for US$35.00: @GameDevBRbot, @AprenderGameDev, @EdGameTec, and @TodayAtSch00L.

Package 2    

We’ll replace one of my accounts’ cover image for an ad about your game or service for a week for US$35.00.

Package 3    

We’ll pin a tweet about your game or service for a week on the top of 1 of our Twitter pages for US$35.00.

Package 4    

We’ll create an automated Twitter account for US$70.00 for retweeting a hashtag or any other keyword frequently tweeted by your target audience so you can use it to advertise your business for a month. It is particularly useful for running campaigns during conferences or other kinds of events in which a hashtag becomes popular and drives people interests to a kind of business. Another common use is to retweet a keyword that is common to the theme of a game. So, if you have a game about birds, you make a twitter account for it and start retweeting the words “bird”, “fly”, “feathers” and this will attract the interest of the retweeted people to your page. It generates page views and traffic.

Package 5    

We’ll create a user for you on our blog for US100.00 so that you can write a review on your game/project. Your post will be promoted for two weeks on Twitter across the accounts @GameDevBRbot, @AprenderGameDev, @EdGameTec, and @TodayAtSch00L. A tweet about your post will be published 8 times a day during that period.

Package 6    

Everything above for one month (except Package 4 which is monthly charged) for US$160.00. Payments are made through PayPal and you can choose how to distribute the tweets during the week in Package 1, the account to replace the cover image in Package 2 and the ones where you’ll show your pinned tweets in Package 3! 🙂 Please, let us know if you need any further info or assistance for how that works!

No great ideas, products or awesome games will go unnoticed. Not on our watch!