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The Best Gems of Steam Game Festival 2021 – Part 2

The steam games festival brought us so many cool games I had to write an entire series of articles to cover them all. Here’s the second installment.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post about the games I played during the steam game festival here is part two with ten more amazing indie games. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed playing the games! 😄

Demo #1 Cosmo’s Quickstop

Cosmo’s Quickstop


I actually played an earlier demo of this game before the game festival and I was really excited to dive back in and see what else the devs may have added since the last time I played it! What I noticed right away was the addition of co op play so you and a friend can play this goofy alien truck stop game together. In Cosmo’s Quickstop you manage all the aspects of a truck stop and it does get a bit hectic so having a friend along for the ride would make it a little less crazy. I recommend playing this one if you want something different 👽

Note – If the devs are reading this thank you for the shirt. I wear it all the time! 😄

Demo #2 Rooftop Renegade


Rooftop Renegade

I have been meaning to play this demo for awhile now and it didn’t disappoint. In this game you run, jump, and slide your way through the terrain in your way and in later levels try to avoid some enemies chasing after you. I don’t think I’ve ever really played a game like this and I loved every minute of it. I recommend checking this game out if you don’t mind a fast paced experience 🏃‍♂️

Demo #3 Duru



Duru is another game that I played a previous demo for and also really enjoyed. This game had a very successful Kickstarter and it’s easy to see why! I often found myself taking way too many screenshots during my time with this one. I just love the art style they used mixed with the gameplay makes this a very fun, charming, and photogenic experience I think everyone should definitely check out 📸

Demo #4 Dwerve



I know I’ve said this a few times already but Dwerve is yet another game I’ve played before! This game also had a very highly successful Kickstarter campaign raising way more than what was needed and that is for good reason. Dwerve reminds me of an old school legend of Zelda game. That’s if Link had the ability to place towers like in a tower defense game. Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this game I love what they did with the tower defense genre and I can’t wait to play more! I recommend this game if you enjoy tower defense games but be prepared for it not to be the conventional tower defense style game ⚔️

Demo #5 Soul shifter


Soul shifter

I have been following the devs for this game on IG for a bit now. The style they went with for this game really got my attention. Soul Shifter is a dungeons crawler where you use melee weapons, ranged weapons, and your magic to make it through. Oh, and did I mention? This game is hard. I found myself dying a lot only to come to a screen almost taunting me saying “are you winning son?” No! No I’m not winning! Stop rubbing it in! I recommend this game if you are up for a challenge ⚔️

Demo #6 Princess Farmer


Princess Farmer - A great highlight on the steam games festival

Honestly when I first saw this game I didn’t know if I would enjoy it that much, holy hell was I wrong. The gameplay loop quickly become so addicting to the point that I was so disappointed when the demo had to end. In this game you move through the world playing little puzzle games as you go, like the one pictures above. The world and characters in said world are just so cute and playful as well and I can’t recommend this game enough! Go check it out if you want a more relaxed experience 🐰

Demo #7 Dorf Romantik


Dorf Romantik

I have never played a game like this one and I know that for a fact. In Dorf you place tiles for objects such as farmland, trees, water bodies, and villages to try to keep going without blocking yourself off. I will admit it took me a bit to get used to this style of gameplay. I was often wondering why I was blocking myself from continuing but once you get the hang out it this game is a really rewarding and relaxing experience that I didn’t want to put down. I recommend this game if you want a calming experience 🌲

Demo #8 How to Win


How to Win in the steam games festival

I don’t often play visual novels so I didn’t know how I would feel about how to win. Once I got into the game though I was hooked. The goofy story mixed with the rude but also silly characters in the game had me hooked from start to finish. It was such a great experience and I’m glad I often go out of my comfort zone and play games I don’t usually play or I might not find such fun indies like this one. I recommend this game if you want a less serious tone 😆

Demo #9 Blind Drive


Blind Drive - A great addition to the steam games festival

It’s very hard to show the gameplay of this game in a screenshot so I’ll explain it the best I can. You are driving a car but you can’t physically see where you are going like you normally would. You have to rely on what you hear so using headphones is best when playing this game. Honestly I really loved indie games for the reason that they aren’t afraid to try new and unique ideas like this one! I recommend this game if you want something different 🚗


Demo #10 Slender Threads


Slender Threads - A superb gem in the steam games festival

Again, I don’t usually play point and click games that much but I’m glad the devs reached out to me about this one! First thing I noticed right away was the beautiful art style used here which I really enjoyed. I will admit I’m usually bad at point and clicks and this one was no different it really had me thinking what the answer to the next puzzle might be but I didn’t mind it at all because the overall experience was still very positive for me. I recommend this game if you like point and clicks and don’t mind thinking a bit for puzzles 🧩

Well that was part two of my blog posts for the steam game festival. I hope you enjoyed it! I still have ten more games to cover so be on the lookout for one more blog post 😄


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