Oaths of Light

Oaths of Light is a fantasy RPG in which you will go through Eden’s journey. A joyful girl whose past had no matter until she started having that dream. Explore a colourful world, battle against powerful foes and meet incredible people on a journey you will never forget.

To begin with, “Oaths of Light” is a J-RPG set in a fantasy world, you’ll follow the story troughs the eyes of Eden, a young girl who’s having mysterious dream about a conversation which will lead her to a journey to change her destiny.

The story will have multiple endings, as well has a variety of dialogue options which all be unique and impact the story their own way, so be careful with your choices.

Oaths of Light has a unique world setting, the art style is playing a big part in it, with a really focused part on shadows and colorful environment, the wold will never cease to make you out of breath.

The fantasy wolrld might be beautiful, but fantasy also means monsters, and they are a lot of them, Slime, Gobelins, Spiders, Mushroom men, Kumo onna, and many more, a lot of them can be interacted with, killing may not be the only option…

The combat system is turn based, which means you’ll need strategy to beat your opponents, you’ll need to level up Eden to improve her skills as well as her equipment, reassure you, Eden is not alone in her journey, party members can be unlocked as the story progress.

Players can participate in this journey and make our dream come true, as a small team, we want to grant you best the J-RPG game we can manage to pull off, and we can’t do it without your help, by participating in the KICKSTARTER campaign, you will help us make our dream come true and be a part of it, create a game we can be proud to show is our goal, If you have ideas, improvements, concept, unique ideas, feel free to tell us ! it’s how we’ll be able to improve the game and match expectoration of our community ! You can already wish-list the game on steam ! (link below) Don’t hesitate to join us in our adventure, and by “our” I mean us and you ! we’ll create something, together.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/games_asm

Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1549990/Oaths_of_Light/


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