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The Best Gems of Steam Game Festival 2021 – Part 1

Steam Game Festival is here with great demos for us to try. Let’s see what to expect of these cool gems we had a chance to get our hands on.

I have never heard of the Steam Game Festival until last minute when it was going live. I think this event is a great way for indie games to get exposure. I am just wondering why more people aren’t covering events like these!

In this post I will be covering ten indie games I played during the event and make two more blog posts for the rest of the games I played, enjoy!


Demo #1 Hobo Cat


Hobo Cat - a Gem from the Steam Game Festival

I actually had some conversations with the dev for this one. When I played it I compared it to 3D platformers like Conkers Bad Fur Day he agreed he got some ideas from that game but also mentioned the combat was comparable to a souls like game. I highly recommend checking this one out if you enjoy 3D platformers like Conkers bad fur day. If you never played Conkers just know this game is not for kids and has a lot of adult humor 🐱

Demo #2 Tower Princess


Tower Princess - a Gem from the Steam Game Festival

The devs for this game also said they “might have been playing too many souls games” when creating their own game. This is in no way an easy game the traps mixed with the enemies you meet will have you dying a lot as you make your way through the dungeon you are in! I highly enjoyed this one as well and recommend it if you are up for a bit of a challenge ⚔️


Demo #3 Mail Mole


Mail Mole - a Gem from the Steam Game Festival

This is another amazing 3D platformer but unlike hobo cat this is a more carefree and wholesome game which I compared to games like super luckys tale! This one is also more kid friendly and adorable. The colorful world and characters in it had me hooked from start to finish. If you enjoyed super luckys tale you will most likely enjoy this one, go check it out! 📬


Demo #4 The Last Stand Aftermath


The Last Stand Aftermath - a Gem from the Steam Game Festival

This is a zombie survival game that I was addicted to from start to finish and the demo wasn’t short so I put a lot of time into this one! It had a very successful Kickstarter campaign and I can see why! The gameplay speaks for itself. I love zombie games and this one is very well made! If you enjoy zombie survival games I highly recommend checking it out for yourself! 🧟‍♂️


Demo #5 The Companion


The Companion - a Gem from the Steam Game Festival

As you can see from the screen shot this game is very beautiful. I often found myself exploring more than I needed to and just taking an unnecessary amount of screenshots instead of doing the missions the game wanted me to do. The Companion is very calming and just overall fun to play and get lost in the sprawling landscapes. Go check it out if you are looking for a more relaxed experience 🐺


Demo #6 Eat N Eaten


Eat N Eaten - a Gem from the Steam Game Festival

This game is very much like a tower defense game but instead of towers you have bugs. You have to manage your food and army well to finish the waves and waves of enemies coming at you and sometimes think fast to do so and I loved every minute of it! Go check this one out if you enjoy tower defense like games and bugs lots and lots of bugs! 🐛


Demo #7 Ak-Xolotl



Ak-Xolotl is a top down shooter with an amazing soundtrack! Honestly I didn’t know whether to head bang or bang my hands on the keyboard during this game. What I mean is the music is very heavy and the gameplay is tough at times! So the music will get you pumped and the gameplay might get you mad. But I still found myself loving this game and despite the characters being cute there isn’t much else cute about this game. Go checkout this game if you don’t mind a challenge and enjoy the metal soundtrack while you do! 🤙


Demo #8 Unbound Worlds Apart


Unbound Worlds Apart

One of the reasons I like indie games so much is because of all the unique and new ideas they usually bring to the table. In this game you use powers you receive early on to switch between dimensions to progress through the world and I loved it! I enjoy indie games so much because the devs are free to be unique and really show their creativity. Play this game if you want something unique and honestly just look at that art style 👀


Demo #9 Obsidian Prince


Obsidian Prince

I was actually given a key for this game by the dev and I forgot that before playing the demo. Whoops. Anyway, this is a turn based game and it’s definitely not easy by any means at least not for me who barely dabbles in this genre. I love the art style and added secrets the dev put it that really shows their sense of humor! Can’t wait to play the full game now that I know I own it. Go check this one out if you don’t mind a slightly challenging turn based game ⚔️


Demo #10 Across the Obelisk


Across the Obelisk

I’ve been meaning to play this game for a long time now! This is probably one of the first indie games I found with my time on Twitter. The battle system in this game is based off cards and I don’t think I’ve ever played a game in that genre until now! I found myself struggling at first but once I got the hang of it this game is really rewarding and addictive! Go checkout this game if you like card battling games which might be a genre I will have to explore more now! ⚔️

That’s it for now! I still have 20 more games to cover so be on the lookout for the next blog post on the Steam Game Festival! 😌


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