Soulace is a meditative and contemplative Virtual Reality experience that blends poetry, adventure game mechanics and visual art. The project is raising questions about the impermanence of life and the fear of the unknown.

The story entails the search of a man’s soul that is lost in the “Bardo” (the realm between life and death). The goal of the protagonist is to reunite with loved ones, let go of grief and overcome the attachment to the body. Various scenes of his lifeless body can be experienced and, step by step, his soul dissolves into abstract and psychedelic worlds, which sprout from his own mind.

Soulace is currently only targeting VR Headsets like Oculus and HTC Vive. The project is made in the Unreal Engine and many models have been sculpted in VR using Medium and Tiltbrush.

Developer: @sanderbos




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Sander Bos is a Dutch multimedia artist. His endeavors vary from painting with oils and acrylics to 3D animation and virtual reality environments. He sees the artist as a mediator between the visible and the invisible realities. By making these dimensions visible, a new view on reality can be attained by the viewer. Planting seeds of consciousness exploration and expansion, reclaiming our endless creative force and dissolving perceptual limitations are his ambitions driving his creative journey. Ultimately he envisions expanded self- realization and spiritual growth through his artwork.

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