The Ring Roleplay Project – A brief look at the gameplay and Landscapes

Inspired by Lord of The Rings

Inspired by Lord of The Rings, The Ring Roleplay Project started 2 years ago on May 3rd, 2019 on Unity 3D. I began this project on my own and went like this for a while. Not long ago our team greatly expanded. We are currently 6 people working on this project: Michael (Coder, Worldbuilder, Modeler, Founder ), Tony (Graphic Designer/Artwork), Theo (Music Artist), David (Modeler), Robert (Coder) and Kestus (Community Manager). Below you have our first ever screenshot! Meanwhile the zone has been remastered.

Why did I choose Unity 3D? Years ago I worked on a private World of Warcraft server. This taught me so much including Worldbuilding and coding (Mostly C++ and C#) . When I decided to start TRRP I took a in-depth look at all available engines and decided to go with Unity because it seemed the most familiar. With my previous experience it took me only a few hours to get the hold of it!

TRRP will focus on offering the player as much freedom as possible. In a huge open world map, there will be only 3 levels (Starting zones, The Open World and Bosses). Rather than constant grinding and fighting, you will be traveling in a huge world with quests at almost every step. Choices will be widely available and they will greatly influence your story-line!

Help a farmer get rid of the pests, build your own camp, great skirmishes in the wild and so much more await you in our free game. Exploration will be heavily rewarded, so go explore those ruins in that creepy forest! Who knows what legendary sword you might find? There will be no random generated loot!

Travel the world as a Human, Elf Dwarf of Halfing up your horse, goat or elk. Your character will be very customizable, with a wide variety of hairstyles, earring and even scars to match your looks and personality. Below I will show you some WIP images of our interface!

Characters fighting - The Ring Roleplay Project
Characters fighting – The Ring Roleplay Project

Statues - The Ring Roleplay Project
Statues – The Ring Roleplay Project

Now, let’s take a look at some of the regions we have recently finished:

Night scene - The Ring Roleplay Project
Night scene – The Ring Roleplay Project

As we speak, we are working hard to bring you an early demo. It’s planned for mid February and it will include a basic set of quests, character creation, and our early interface test. It will take place in a farm where you will help poor ol’ Castamir! Take a look at the zone below :

Day scene - The Ring Roleplay Project
Day scene – The Ring Roleplay Project

Seems great, right ? You can find more info here and also on our Discord channel where I can answer your questions personally. We also have a Twitter account where we tweet screenshots from our project.

If you want to support our project you can donate on Patreon. The Project is non-profit and the game will be available free on release. Every single dollar receive will be invested back into the project, as until now.

Michael, Out!


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TRRP is a free indie openworld RPG set in a universe inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Release set for 2022-2023.

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