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Rumor: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, a wild remake appears!

Rumor has it that the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remix may be lurking in the shadows.

Fans are speculating that a Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remix may be just around the corner. Well, that’s actually a far stretched conclusion from what we have from reliable material information. According to Twitter user @CentroLeaks, an official subdomain was activated on January 12th, 2021 with the games’ title on it. Also, @pokexperto, another Twitter user, pointed out that a “Legends” domain had been created as well, a name sometimes referred to as a possible “Mario 3D All-Stars” grade collection of Pokemon games.

So, is this it? Do we have a solid confirmation for a Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake? Well… while it is interesting to have our hopes high and speculate about the future of the series that is kept under so much secrecy, it is hard to tell. Currently, the website is disabled, and during its short-lived spectral existence, it only featured a 403 error when attempting to be accessed, which suggests there was some content hidden under there somewhere, but it was restricted.

Yet, since all previous generations so far have been granted the blessing of resurfacing the spotlights featuring a shiny new polish, this is uncontested the most anticipated title to be revamped on the Pokemon main series. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will possibly be brought back by popular demand. So, it is rather not a matter of if, but when The Pokemon Company will relaunch it. And fans are crazy for a confirmation!

That said, this has been an eventful week for Pokemon fans,  with the release of an announcement trailer of Pokemon Snap, a game scheduled to hit Nintendo Switch on April 30 and currently on pre-order.  So, I think any sort of confirmation of this rumor is unlikely to happen since another game announcement could Steal Snap’s thunder. And this boy has been waiting in line for way longer for another opportunity to shine! Though this would be a nice opportunity to surf on the pokemon wave of hype and keep building momentum.

What do you think? Have our Lord and savior responded to our prayers? Can we have our hopes up and wait for a game reveal anytime soon? Will we be kept in the dark until the Pokemon anniversary announcements?  Did someone on The Pokemon Company mess up and created the domain a little too earlier and had to take it down? Are we just being trolled and teased by some bored employee? Is this just a conspiracy planted by the false prophet to cloud our minds? So much mystery! We’ll have to wait for those questions to be answered.



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