Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators – Uncover the Post-War World

In Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators, uncover the Post-War World. Dive into the post-nuclear world where jets & helicopters roam the skies.

Uncover the Post-War World

Dive into the post-nuclear world where jets and helicopters roam the skies and control countries. There are corrupted ones holding Weapons that has the power to conquer the world. Being part of an individual entity, traverse the world and vanquish the evils battling in the sky.

Master the Difficulty

Experience a challenging game, but with the help of tight controls of the planes and unique Aileron Rolling to evade and dodge bullets and missiles, you’ll be able to master it over time. Each stage is different, while also having an Explore mode that allows you to go to random stages with much more unique sets of enemies.

Unlimited Customization

Get more planes, upgrade better parts for each of your planes, and research for more stronger weapons to help you in battle. Feel the freedom to pick which weapons to mount to each plane and easily be able to use them for any mission.

Hand Drawn Details

To fully enjoyAirstrife: Assault of the Aviators, it is well complimented with a beautiful art on the background as well as details presented all throughout from the damages of the planes of each side, to the specific details of the background.
  • 1-4 Players (Solo & Local Co-op)
  • Souls-like RPG Shoot Em Up
  • Experience a Unique Shoot Em Up; a Re-invented Modern Classic
  • Campaign and Exploration Modes
  • Hand Drawn Pixel Art
  • Tight Controls from Movement, to Rolling, to Firing
  • Over 80 Different Unique Planes
  • Numerous Choices for Weapons to Mount

Learn  more from the Developer himself: Kenisoft@kenisoft. Follow and contact them now on IndieWatch.


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