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KFC console or KFConsole is here to warm your chicken as you play

KFC console will get your chicken ready while you play your favorite game. The KFConsole is a reality. Get your hunger ready.

That sounds like an April’s fool joke, but it’s not. KFC even warned everyone they were serious about launching their own gaming console in June. Now they’re back with more news about what they promise to be the end of console wars.

It gets better. With a built-in chicken chamber, you’ll get to keep your chicken warm, delicious, and within reach for whenever that hunger comes. This will be possible thanks to the console’s natural heat generated as you slain that dragon out of the dungeon or beat that difficult opponent on a fighting game.

Kentucky Fried Chicken even put together a landing page so you can learn more about their debut in the gaming world. Right now, they inform the KFConsole will be VR ready, Ray Tracing-enabled, run with 240fps with up to 240HZ output and it will be good for your 4K TV.

This might be the end of the chicken-warming console wars, at least until Sony comes up with a full living room console-oven idea to rival the KFConsole!

Twitter is already in love with it:



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