Sanity of Morris: A unique Psychological Horror detective

Sanity of Morris is a psychological horror adventure game where you are being chased by armed men. All all you have, are your wits and a flashlight.

In Sanity of Morris you have darkness itself to fear. The game combines elements from the detective genre with psychological horror to tell the story of a young man trying to stay sane in the search for his deranged father, consumed by conspiracy theories about the government and alien signals. 


Armed with nothing more than a flashlight and a notebook, it is up to you to step into the shoes of young Johnathan and discern truth from fiction.

Light reveals the clues you need to find your father, but also alerts the ones who are trying to hunt you down. Darkness keeps you hidden, but linger for too long, and you might go insane. 


Danger lies where you least expect it. What don’t they want you to find?

Sanity of Morris is published by Stickylock Studios and developed by Alterego games for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Sanity of Morris will launch late 2020. 

Play the demo and wishlist on Steam now!


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