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This is my first post on here and I’d love to share a little bit about a project I’m working on called Keizu. Keizu was initially planned to be a visual novel, taking inspiration from games like Phoenix Wright and Danganropa as well as many other indie titles that use unique gameplay elements in the visual novel style/genre of games. As we went on in development, we realized more and more how much we wanted to incorporate elements of exploration and adventure into our game but couldn’t find a way to do it with only dialog segments akin to your typical visual novel.

Latest gameplay video!

Initial Reveal

We worked and worked to find what fit best and started working on a side scrolling style world for the player to traverse in the world of our game. It’s taught me alot about world building in video games. I’ve learned lots about using depth to make the scene pop out at you, particles and animations to bring it to life and so much more.

Keizu features full voice acting which I think truly makes the game much more engaging. One of my biggest aspirations with this project is to make the world feel as real and alive as possible taking lots of inspiration from Ghibli films. We ( my team of myself, my gf and a handful of friends working with us) share daily updates on our development on our studio twitter and website linked here!


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