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It’s not just a remake, it’s Final Fantasy VII reimagined

Final Fantasy VII remake is here and I couldn’t wait any longer to give it try. Here’s what the games looks like so far.

Here’s an honest review of my experience with Final Fantasy VII Remake so far. I haven’t beaten the game yet, although it already has shown me its finest qualities and some small flaws that are quite forgivable.

I don’t know where to begin. There are some many things I wanna talk about the game my head feels like a hurricane inside.

Well, first of all, if you don’t want spoilers, I advise you not to read this article as some details that caught my attention might ruin your experience.

I wasn’t expecting anything from this remake since I hated playing the original one. In my humble opinion, alongside FFVIII, they are the most bland titles in the series. The story and characters didn’t have quite an appealing factor to keep me playing them. I remember being so disappointed playing FFVII for the first time, I was at a friend’s. I simply fell asleep.

I used to compare FFVII to its predecessor, FFVI, which was quite a masterpiece and its story and characters reached my heart. And oh, Kefka best FF series villain ever!

In the first version of Final Fantasy VII, it felt like something was amiss. It lacked personality and I didn’t know why it was so overrated back then.

When I watched the first trailers, my reaction was like “oh, Advent Boring Children all over again”, and then she showed up, my favorite character Aerith. She was gorgeous and so full of personality, inquisitive and curious about Cloud. That alone ignited a small spark of interest in me.

Some time went by and another trailer came out showing some cutscenes with Barret’s organization. AVALANCHE got me more hooked and hyped. The demo came out, I livestreamed it and oh boy, I was astonished by its quality and refined storytelling.

Most NPCs that only made a cameo or hanged out with Cloud and his gang for a few minutes gained depth and unique personalities this time. I fell in love with Jessie, she is a girl with an atittude, dependable and flirts with Cloud all the time. I simply loved her interactions with the Ex-SOLDIER. 

Many new characters with developed backgrounds were included in the remake, and oh my, they are gorgeous. Some NPCs made my heart skip a beat. My favorite is Andrea Rodhea from the Honeybee Inn in Wall Market. I loved the way Square-Enix opened up Midgar to include queer characters. Well, I expected more from the Cloud dressup quest to meet Don Corneo. C’mon Square-Enix, we already have RuPaul’s Drag Race. Cloud should have had more make up and hairstyles to look fierce!

Wait a minute, Felipe. The classic is from 1997. There were technical limitations to develop the game in that time. You are not being fair and what you’re saying is BS.

No, no, no, my dear friend. Final Fantasy VI is a game from 1994 for the SNES and its world was richer than FFVII’s. Chrono Trigger also was a great game. I’m not saying any BS, my friend. The classic FFVII is overrated and bland. A movie and several games had to be released afterwards to put some Phoenix downs into it and give it a new life. Don’t get me wrong, OK? I love Crisis Core. It’s my favorite game from the classic FFVII universe.

The soundtrack made famous by Nobuo Uematsu was rearranged by Masashi Hamauzu, known for his iconic soundtrack in Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It was quite a nice touch to the old tunes. Mr. Hamauzu knows his stuff quite well. He mixes modern and electronic tunes with orchestrated tracks resulting in wonderful and memorable songs.

Tetsuya Nomura from the Kingdom Hearts series is now the head director of the remake, alongside with Yoshinori Kitase, the original director and Motomu Toriyama, Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy director. Talk about successful teamwork and creative minds.

I first thought that it was going to be a short game, but surprise! It’s side-quest time! I was afraid the remake reaching the events in Midgar were going to be rushed. In the classic FFVII, it takes 2 hours to wrap up Midgar and head out into the world map. The remake expanded the city and it has in average 40 hours of gameplay. I have 52 because I like exploring every corner and I didn’t finish the game yet, so there you have it. This is a game worth your cash, dollar, real, whatever.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

Alright, Felipe. You pointed out the good stuff, now we want the bad ones.

Okay, I think the battle system is quite OK but, some spells won’t work as expected after you cast them. Instead of damaging your enemy, they actually have an effect range and your foe may get away and retaliate.

Moreover, the lock-on system is horrible, because it is the same button used for rotating the camera. You’ll have to switch to your primary target with R3 again after rotating the camera angle.

The STAGGER system is a welcome addition from FFXIII, however some enemies take forever to get staggered and lower their defenses.

The ATB gauge fills up slowly if you just stick around in battle. It fills up faster dealing attacks with the square button. Blocking is not that effective since you take significant damage even while blocking.

But as I said, those flaws are forgivable, given the entire game being excellent and addicting.

Final Fantasy VII Remake changed my opinions about this chapter of the series. I looking forward to the upcoming games with a smile on my face and and a warm heart.

Bottom LIne

Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 9.8
Art - 10
Fun - 7.5


With some very forgivable flaws, this is a game worth your cash, dollar, real, whatever.

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My name is Felipe. I live in São Paulo, Brazil and I'm addicted to japanese RPGs

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