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The Great History of The Alienware Gaming Laptop

Think about the best gaming computers available on the market. Where does your mind go? Mine automatically jumps to the Dell Alienware gaming laptop.

As the name synonymous with a premium PC gaming experience, Alienware doesn’t need any introduction. From high-end laptops to premier desktops, the brand is known for its robust hardware that’s packed in an alien-inspired aesthetic.

While there are many other popular brands on the market that compete directly with Alienware, the company stands front and center for gaming aficionados. To see how the company with the iconic alien head achieved this stature and how it continues to maintain it, let’s take a look at the illustrious history of Alienware.

The Early Years

Before Alienware found its famous brand name, the Miami-based company first saw the light of day in 1996 as a business called Sikai.

Founded by Nelson Gonzalez, Sikai was known for being the retail and assembly provider for business workstations and personal use desktops. But soon after the company was established, it started seeing requests to build gaming PCs that could run computer games without any issues.

That’s when the company brought on Alex Aguilla as a co-founder and rebranded as Alienware. Just in case you were thinking where the idea to call the company after aliens came from, it was due to the founders’ love of The X-Files and the mystery involving the discovery of aliens.

From there, the company started to build high-end gaming rigs, and that’s where it found its calling as the go-to provider for gaming PCs.

The Rise to Success

After 1997, Alienware started to generate newfound buzz as the primary solution provider for those home users who had a penchant for playing video games on their PCs. From there, the company slowly progressed to offer pre-assembled computers that could be shipped to customers directly.

Dubbed Area 51 after the iconic U.S. facility that has been heavily associated with extraterrestrial research, these Alienware desktops proved to be a hit due to their 3D gaming, immersive sound, and stellar multimedia performance.

By 2002, Alienware did something completely unprecedented and introduced the possibility of gaming laptops. But given that the gaming laptop wasn’t pocket-friendly or as portable as other laptops on the market, Alienware had to focus on its desktop rigs for the time being.

That was when the iconic Alienware Area 51 Predator came in. As the first ever desktop to feature the company’s now well-known alien head logo and a truly futuristic aesthetic, the Area 51 Predator shot Alienware to new heights of success.

The Emergence of Dell Alienware

The fame of Alienware created a big buzz in the computer industry, and caught attention from some of the biggest names in the sector. One of them was Dell, which famously made efforts to acquire the gaming PC operation for years.

But as deals fell through due to various reasons, Alienware kept on climbing the popularity ladder on its own. During this time, Alienware introduced the Area 51m laptop, which proved to be a success among PC gaming enthusiasts.

Dell finally acquired Alienware in 2006, after which the company introduced even more compelling solutions. One of them was its M17 laptop in 2009, which is still known as a game changer for gaming laptops all over the world.

A Decade of Excellence

In the last 10 years, Alienware has continued to offer innovative products in the form of portable gaming laptops, desktop replacement notebooks, and sturdy gaming rigs.

The firm also doubled down on the concept of chunky yet powerful hardware for laptops, which was a gamble that paid off big time.

With laptops such as the Alienware 15, Alienware 17, and the Alienware Area 51m; as well as desktops such as the Alienware Aurora, the company has continued to cement its position in the gaming PC industry.

Today, any gamer worth their salt either has an Alienware or wants to acquire one. The fact that these machines also serve as powerhouse multimedia devices for graphic designers or content creators also works in their favor.

Overall, Alienware’s popularity proves to be sustainable because it comes from the history of understanding its customers. If the company stays on that path, there’s no reason why it would have any issues maintaining its reign over its sector.


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