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Strange Flesh – A journey into your innermost desires

Have you ever found yourself in a bind? Unsure of what you are doing to make your life fulfilling and worth-living? For starters, this is the dilemma of our main character in Strange Flesh: a beat’em up game, however not your average Streets of Rage since it has a different and enticing touch.

You play as The Bartender, master of hypnosis, and very sexy to say the least. A tired patron walks into the bar and the bartender offers him a drink on the house. As the bartender smokes his cigar and the patron drinks his ale, our story unfolds and so the game begins.

The bartender enters the patron’s mind and the levels take place within many places and situations linked to him. The enemies are the patron’s different personae, since the negative ones and reprimanded desires within his mind. It’s up to you on how you deal with your opponents. You can wallop them to death, grab them, spit some cigar smoke on them and even grab them and give them a long kiss. There is a special move that breathes smoke on the enemies around you, you can use it to rid yourself of them. If your enemy is low on health and you finish him off with a smoke breath, depending on the enemy’s type, well…, I will not spit any spoilers to you. See for yourself how sexy those finishers can possibly be.

Strange Flesh

Every level has a wide range of throwable objects, some you have to break apart in order to grab and throw at your enemies. Watch out for your alcohol gauge whenever you are hit by certain enemies, booze makes you slower and you trip over if you try to run. Your lust gauge fills up as you defeat the enemies on screen, this gauge is under your health gauge, when it glows, a special finishing move will be available for you to execute on horny enemies and ease their stress in a sexy and lustful way. The brain cells spread throughout the levels are the checkpoints, breathe some smoke at them to save your progress. Don’t worry about dying, the game is quite generous with extra lives and it’s not a difficult game like those coin grabbing arcade machines like Final Fight and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs.

The controls are easy, you can play via your joystick or set the keyboard keys, whatever is more suitable to you. There are six buttons altogether. Punch, jump, grab, smoke, special and pause. Pretty simple, huh?

Strange Flesh is a game accessible to everyone over 18 years old, you can play it on your web browser or download it for Windows or Mac, it is completely free and it has its synth wave soundtrack to enjoy by downloading it too. Remember to play it in a safe place because it’s a NSFW game due to its high level of erotism.

The soundtrack is relaxing and the game has great pixel art, as well as fluid animations, Greatest Bear Games team did a splendid job here and it’s all free. You can leave the bartender a tip if you really feel like it via PayPal.

The game itself is a smooth way to blow off some steam from daily stress. Sometimes we might find ourselves in the patron’s shoes, all we need is something to set us free and some incentive to carry out what we really wanna do for a living. Life is precious, yet too short to chain ourselves to routine and boredom. That is the message Strange Flesh wants to pass on to us.

Take my invitation and play this game, enjoy it at your heart’s content. I know you’ll find yourself back in Strange Flesh for quite a few more times. Replaying it may bring up new experiences, who knows?

You can play Strange Flesh right here.

Bottom Line

Gameplay - 9.2
Graphics - 8.7
Art - 8.9
Music - 7.5
Fun - 9.3
Replayabilty - 9.5


Wanna blow some steam off from your stressful daily life? Take my invitation and play this game, enjoy it at your heart’s content. I know you’ll find yourself back in Strange Flesh for quite a few more times. Replaying it may bring up new experiences, who knows?

User Rating: 4.65 ( 2 votes)

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