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Tired of Short AAA Titles? Try These Great Under The Radar Indie Games

Under The Radar Indie Games – As you’re spending more time indoors these days, how about trying some stuff not everyone is talking about? That’s not an exhaustive list, but enough to fill you extra time with hours of fun!

Let’s be honest, most of us now probably have a lot of time in our hands now. You might’ve played and finished that game title you’ve bought a while back but never found the time to play it previously. And now, you’re out of ideas on what to play. In this list, we’ll feature indie games that provide either hours of gameplay, unique gaming experience, great storyline, or all of it at once. All of these games are available for purchase, so you can check it out on Steam if you want to get details or buy it. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom: New Lands - Under The Radar Indie Games
Kingdom: New Lands – Under The Radar Indie Games

Some say that indie games and pixel graphics can never be separated. Some would argue pixel graphics in its current form is the truest form of indie games. Kingdom: New Lands employs simple pixel graphics with a hint of lighting effects and easy to understand. But the simplistic approach on the game can be deceiving as you learn that building a kingdom safe for your people is not an easy task, especially you have the forces of evil assaulting your walls every chance they get.

And with each passing day, they get stronger by conjuring sturdier units to assault your walls. Build defenses, send war parties, discover and explore what lies to the extreme directions of this 2D world. Kingdom: New Lands offers a great experience and pretty soon you’ll find yourself lost in its charming yet challenging world. The game has also a couple of other games in the franchise which you could check out as well.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few - Under The Radar Indie Games
We Happy Few – Under The Radar Indie Games

There’s nothing quite like storytelling in a video game format as it offers an interesting perspective that cannot be done in a traditional medium.  We Happy Few is a great game paired with an even greater story about a retrofuturistic London, rebuild after the war in a seeming state of utopia. As you play along with the storyline, you’ll soon realize that this state of happiness is more of a state of delusion, fueled with drugs that keep everyone in an artificial state of bliss, while the reality is actually something far worse.

You get to play in the shoes of 3 characters who have their own strengths and weaknesses which you get to experience in their different journeys throughout the game, avoiding Joker inspired cops and tricking your way pass every brainwashed citizen in the hopes of unveiling the truth. Hours of gameplay and an amazing story to keep you invested.


Frostpunk - Under The Radar Indie Games
Frostpunk – Under The Radar Indie Games

If you’re more of an RTS connoisseur, then this game might just be up your alley. Frostpunk is a unique RTS that does not follow a normal RTS gameplay whereby the main objective of the game is for you to ensure the survival of your city in the steampunk-inspired city against the cold blizzard that threatens to end all life. Frostpunk mixes your usual city management game mechanics with deciding on certain laws and order to ensure that peace and order are kept during this trying time.

Citizens will rise up against you as you keep breaking promises and this uprising will force you to enact harsher punishments. What will you choose in a time of extreme hardship? Will you forget your humanity along the way? Frostpunk now has new content released recently called The Last Autumn, so check that out.

This is The Police 1 & 2

This is The Police 1 & 2 - Under The Radar Indie Games

Maybe you’re not into sci-fi or outlandish scenarios that seem to be out of reality. How about a gritty noir about cops and the mafia, as well as anecdotes about how life is hard? This is The Police 1 & 2 will hit those checkboxes in a big way. Although it employs simple graphics when it comes to its cutscenes, the story really comes to live with the voiceovers done for this game. The jaded chief of police trying to balance the city with the good and the evil.

The game itself a gritty backstory to the entire game in which you try to solve crimes and send cops to resolve different types of situations. And depending on how you play the game, sometimes, you would want to divert your cops away from dealing that’s suppose to happen in a specific location. This is The Police 1 and 2 features different gameplay mechanics, so I would recommend trying both out. Although you might prefer 1 gameplay than the other, the strong storyline is something you need to follow to get the whole picture.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included - Under The Radar Indie Games
Oxygen Not Included – Under The Radar Indie Games

If you’re up for a challenge and simulation and management genres are the game genres you go for, then Oxygen Not Included can be a challenging gaming experience. The game has come a long way and now introduces different types of maps available for different types of gameplay approaches. From the vanilla approach where the only concern you have is food, water and most importantly, oxygen. Other much harder modes require you to consider things like an infectious disease which requires you to take preventive measures before exploring high-risk biomes. Oxygen Not Included is about you and your colony of clones transported to an alien terrain in which you start digging out to transform it into livable space.

The game has interesting gameplay whereby everything is connected to each other, which means it has an expansive collection of tools and machines that you need to reach optimal levels. But it’s so easy to spiral into chaos if you start losing one precious resource that will in turn slowly ruin each essential component of your system. ONI is a challenging game that will require you to think ahead on how to structure your base and what resources to prioritize.

The Last Oasis

The Last Oasis - Under The Radar Indie Games
The Last Oasis – Under The Radar Indie Games

If you seek a game that does not bound with a story or the limitation of the in-game map, then The Last Oasis will bring you on a journey that you’ll never forget. The game features a 3rd person survival MMO whereby you’re joined with people all around the world that are put in different map tiles and figuring out how to survive the harsh terrain. Collect water, hunt for animals, fend off pirates and build yourself a wind propelled walker, inspired by Theo Jansen’s amazing strandbeests.

The game allows you to pursue whatever specialty you want. From a merchant to a warrior, you can be anything you want. The game also allows for solo and small group plays as they can choose specific roles in the game that will help them to grow in the game. Or you could join a clan and follow them into battle with a rival clan. Charge into battle with your wind walker and friends. The journey from a wanderer to a notorious land pirate will be an awesome experience!


Noita - Under The Radar Indie Games
Noita – Under The Radar Indie Games

Noita is an interesting game as it features a very nice looking pixel graphics to how the environment is generated. The game’s unique look is thanks to the process of having every pixel you see physically simulated. And that would extra awesome when the game is about you casting a bunch of magical spells that are going to make colorful sparks, as well as looking badass. As much it features simple-looking characters, the game is hard. There is no save point in between and you lose everything if you die in between, and let me tell you, you will die a lot.

You experience a lot of experimentation in what sort of spells to bring and equipment to deal with the sort of enemies at a certain level. It gets harder as you descend further, and it would require you to really think about your strategy. Noita promises to be a colorful and psychedelic experience, but a frustrating one. If you’re a mechanically skilled player that’s looking for a fun challenge, then you might want to give this game a try.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Under The Radar Indie Games
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Under The Radar Indie Games

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an immersive and emotional work of art that has received high praise from everyone who had the pleasure of playing the game. The game don’t hold its player’s hands and you pretty much need to figure out how everything works. This isn’t too hard as you can use your intuition to figure out most of it. The game features a journey of a female warrior from a Nordic tribe who has some sort of mental disorder and travels hell to rescue the soul of her dead lover.

The game draws inspiration from Norse and Celtic cultures and it employs that element so well in a photo-realistic environment that gives life to the game. This game is not meant for children as it features very heavy themes of despair and darkness. It is a journey for those who are looking for a great story paired with great looks and fluid mechanics. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is the testament that you don’t need to be a triple-A studio to make a triple-A quality game.

We’ve reached the end of the list, folks. I hope you enjoy these games as you’re spending more time indoors these days. What games do you think has a good story or simply is a good game to spend hours on? Let us know!


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