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Call Of Duty – Warzone Gurus Wanted To Coach Players

A Great Gaming Job For Your Quarantine

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Call Of Duty - Warzone - If you've got what it takes to escape the Gulag and survive the battlefield, you're up for this job.

It turns out, your parents were wrong. You are ACTUALLY going to get a real job out of all that fun time you've spent playing Call Of Duty. The recognition comes from a job post on OnBuy.com, which is basically saying you need to be an expert to apply for a "Gulag Guru" position right now.

After surveying 1,000 Warzone players, OnBuy found out 65% of them are having a hard time in Gulag mode. 74% wish they'd be better players; 26% said they were actually never successful at escaping Gulag. So it looks like there's some business opportunity here.

If you get hired, you'll make £35/hour. Not bad!

Apply now.

Call of Duty: Warzone - Official Trailer


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