Kitty Kitty Hop! Hop!

Do cats and dogs act and talk like humans if no one is around?

Kitty Kitty Hop! Hop! by Easy Target Entertainment

If a tree falls down in the forest does it make a sound?  Of course it does stupid, why wouldn’t it?  Do cats and dogs act and talk like humans if no one is around?  That’s a real stumper of a question!  Disney says yes but we aren’t so sure.  We believe they do something different and we’ve captured it in Kitty Kitty Hop! Hop!

Hold.  Charge.  Hop!  That’s all you need to know for Kitty Kitty Hop! Hop!  Jump on dumpsters, trash cans, tires, your self-esteem, etc. while avoiding the ground.  Why do these objects fall from the sky in perfect parallel lines with random varying distances?  Well why is it when I put bread in the toaster I get toast?  Where does the bread go?!  Exactly!

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