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6 Incredible Games At The Steam Game Festival

Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition has some pretty cool indie games in store for you. Check them out!

With the GDC (Game Developers Conference) event canceled this year due to coronavirus pandemic, it seemed like this would strike a huge blow to the indie game developers as the conference functions as a platform for them to showcase their games. However, Valve recently stepped in and decided to help push these indie games on their platform, and named is as the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition. It features over 40 indie games with limited demos that can be accessed between March 19 to March 23. And I would like to do my part and highlight some of the demos that you should check out today. Let’s go!


Heavenly Bodies

Indie games are known to toy with physics and create challenging and frustrating games known to gamers all around the world. Introducing Heavenly Bodies, where you play as an astronaut floating about in zero gravity environment. All you can control is your arms and hands and wrangle around the space environment, which gets harder and harder over time. It’s one of those games that guarantees hours and hours of fun, and what’s more, is that Heavenly Bodies supports multiplayer. So, you and your buddy can start blaming each other when one of you slowly drifts off into space.



Now this game has been on my radar for a while now. After all, it has an interesting premise set in place that’s hard to ignore. CARRION features gameplay where you control an amorphous creature with unknown origin, that has been imprisoned possibly for further studies. And you managed to escape containment. And so, begins the gameplay of this reverse horror game. Consume arrogant scientists that are scattered around this underground labyrinth. With each human consumed, you get closer to getting new abilities and evolving to withstand attacks from those who seek to harm you. Instead of being a survivor trying to survive horrifying situations or monsters, you now get to play as “The Thing” like creature and hunt people down. It sounds like good ol’ fun! 


Neon Noodles – Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation

If you’re into simulation games like Oxygen Not Included, then this game is something you should check out. If you have the urge to build a system that reflects perfection in your eyes from scratch, then Neon Noodles – Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation is just the game for you. In this game, you build the loop system so your robots do all the cooking. From simple loops to more intricate ones, Neon Noodles supplies you with multiple recipes that require different ingredients that probably has a sequence of preparation. This game will quite a challenge for those who are looking to build perfect loops. And if you’re looking for something more focused, the game takes place on a static stage where you build your loop kitchen, instead of you building a labyrinth of bad decision making.



Quench is a heartwarming game where you play as Shepard, an avatar of nature and you’ll aid a young elephant leader in his quest to start this round of grand pilgrimage. Along the way, you’ll be able to use the force of nature that comes in different elements to aid the herd. Use rain to restore groves. Use the earthquake power to remove blocked passageways. The game features a strong narrative that drives the game forward. It involves you convincing other species of animals to join the pilgrimage, as the danger is also lurking around that intends to hurt your herd. The music and the paper-craft animation paired with various colors is a delight. Make no mistake, the game is not as easy as it looks. If you’re looking for a good story adventure with a decent difficulty, then check out this game. The game is also involved in a charity that brings clean water to those who have no access to it. You can check it out on their Steam page for more info.


Eldest Souls

Nothing beats the ambiance of a souls-like game, and it’s proven that the essence of Dark Souls can be transferred into any medium, and Eldest Souls in its pixel graphics has proven just that. Grab your sword and start hacking the Old Gods that have decided to end all life. Gain new abilities and skills as you slowly make your way through the game. Expect hard resistance to your progress. Expect numerous deaths. Eldest Souls is fantasy violence that will satisfy gamers who are itching for a real challenge that combines crisp and fleshed out combat mechanics and enemies that has the potential to kill you every time you let your guard down. This game is especially suited for those who enjoyed games such as Sekiro and Nioh. 


Welcome to Elk

Sometimes you don’t need a complicated game. All you want to do is throw your boots on the side, lounge in front of your PC and enjoy a simple game that’s heavily relies on its narrative to drive the game forward. Welcome to Elk features an adventure game with a focus on the story. And boy, does it have a lot of stories to share. The game brings out real stories from real people in reality. Most of it are things probably not experienced by what is defined normal by the majority of society. Interact with interesting and whacky characters throughout the game. Follow them on quests and complete mini-games that comes along the way. There are pleasant moments, as well as dark ones. Welcome to Elk offers a slice of life experience that is translated into a game with pleasant looking graphics that reminds me of comic-style animation. The game is a definite if you’re looking for a great story!

There’s a bunch of indie games that offering free demos for you to try out their games, and there’s nothing for you to lose. Big kudos to Valve for offering up the Steam platform as a way for indie developers to showcase their games in spite of the epidemic that’s causing events to shut down around the world. The games mentioned in this list also have demos available for you to try, and some of these games are already released and can be purchased. All you need to do is head down to Steam and check their Steam game page out. So, head down to Steam and support the indie scene!


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