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The best steam sale deals found on #gamedev Twitter

Some indie titles for your indie game love fix

Steam Sale is here and you should just embrace it! It’s worth it. Check it out.

It’s that time of year again when the big Gaben in the sky sends forth his blessings. 

Discounts are flowing through the entire Steam catalogue, from the big AAA titles all the way to the Solo Indie Developers.

And you don’t need to go far to find the best deals. Start by browsing the options popping out everywhere on #gamedev Twitter. This week, I came across some really cool gems created by hardworking indie developers I’m lucky to have found. So let me introduce you to a few of these brave few.

@VillageBench is a two-person Italian dev studio who has recently released their game called Kill Chambers.

This is a puzzle memory “be in the right place or be gibbed” game with a great script that made me laugh a good few times.  Very hard and unforgiving (think Super Meat Boy) – but very satisfying when you manage to dodge what seems to be unavoidable.


@volcanoids is created by a Prague based studio called Volcanoid.

You are tasked with driving a Drillship to avoid the eruption of the local, extremely angry and very predictable volcano. Explore underground and overground in this steampunk adventure!


@FoxDive_Studio is based in Bucharest and has created a scrolling shooter with a twist.

The blink part comes from being able to switch “lanes”, teleport, in 2 player combat chaos. Bringing 4 modes; solo, story, vs and co-op survival, you have a lot to do in this game.

@MToothStudios are a small studio who have recently released Hold The Fort.

Hold The Fort is a tower defense game where you can cast spells and use turrets to stop the hoards of monsters from taking your fort. Great looking medieval tower defense.

So that’s what I recommend getting on the steam sale. What do you think.

Let me know on the comments section if I’m missing anything. 🙂


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