Chin Up! – Names have power… that you can summon!

Chin Up! is unique take on everything you’ve seen in jRPGs.
Turn-based battle system? Let’s mess it up with some card game and even Scrabble features!
Short, meaningless dialogues? Let’s make it full RPG and visual-novel style, but without waiting half an hour for interaction of course.
Epic, heroic story? Well, you have bunch of things to do here and there and maybe someone will thank you for this, I dunno.

But you can customize your experience with new items, skills, creatures to summon and leveling up, cause it’s RPG, so, you know, you have to level up…

Oh, I almost forgot! You play as Chin, young summoner girl, who’s about to past the final tests and get summoner’s license. And then – she does some epic quests. Well, not so epic as you probably think, but they are quite interesting. It’s not a simple and short story, so I hope you and Chin will get along well!

Hell, you can start right now, just download it here. The world full of magic is waiting for you – but the game is still in development, so try not to break it. Thank you.


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Break the rules and do image on it. I'm indie game developer and I'm aiming for unique things not generic. Now I'm working on Chin Up! project.

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